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India: Blackbuck raises $30m from new, existing investors


Blackbuck is in talks with new investors to raise at least $30m more after rival Rivigo raised $75m

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Startup investors fret over risks of mass data collection

Nearly every technology startup wants the same thing: more data. But in the rush to collect all manner of information about customers, tensions are rising in Silicon Valley over whether such practices amount to a form of surveillance that customers will ultimately find invasive. Whether ordering an Uber, streaming music,… Read more »

Global VC funding ends at a cautionary note amid lower number, value of deals in 2016

2016 ended at a cautionary note for investors as financing to venture capital-backed firms the world over hit a low in Q4 2016 with deal count dropping below 2000 for the first time since 2013 and $21 billion being invested in these deals during the period, hardly a surprise amid 2016 already hailed as a reset year for “exuberant funding” dominated 2015.

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Internet bubble moves to China.
Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital interviews U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner during an event at the Commonwealth Club in Palo Alto, California, U.S. October 18, 2010. REUTERS/Kim White/File Photo
Silicon Valley VCs are growing wary of on-demand delivery startups

Michael Moritz – chairman of Sequoia Capital and one of the most successful venture capitalists in history – says a simple vision led him to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in on-demand delivery startups. “The movement of goods and services and people, by easier, more convenient means,” he said… Read more »

Asean start-ups expected to hog limelight next year

There’s a lot to suggest that might be the case, with big names from 500 Startups Management Co. to Google Inc talking up the region. Its potential to grow into a $200 billion internet economy “is an idea whose time has come,” Sajith Sivanandan, who oversees Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines… Read more »