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Philippines: 14 promising startups to watch in 2017


DEALSTREETASIA handpicked 14 promising startups that are interesting to watch in 2017. These groups are into fintech, real estate, transportation, software, cloud services, business applications, mobile gaming, and human resources.

Visual from Pixabay
Salarium founder and CEO Judah Hirsch  (in blue, standing) with the Salarium Team. (Visual from Salarium blog)
Philippines: Future Now Ventures backs payroll, HR software firm Salarium

Salarium is the latest addition to Future Now Ventures portfolio of investments in high potential cloud-based Software-as-a-Service business, namely media CRM Advvy, journey management JESI, auto CRM AutoDeal, cloud subscription Billing Platform, Internet-of-Things integration platform Reekoh, employee performance firm My-CheckPoints, assessment & training platform CloudSwyft Solutions, and consulting firm Barhead Solutions.

Visual from company website.
John Orrock (visual from Barhead's Facebook page)
Visual from the company website.
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John Orrock, founder and CEO of Future Now Ventures