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Exclusive: $250m injected into Vietnamese startups in 2016


This is a 67% jump when compared $150 million in 2015.

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Vietnam 2017: Top startups to watch out for

Vietnam has hosted several events to showcase new potential startups. Concluding 2016, the Vietnam Startup Festival on December 29 – themed ‘The Pioneer Dream’ – featured newly awarded startups, both bootstrapping and VC-backed companies, which are poised to attract a lot of attention.

Truong Gia Binh, chairman , FPT Corporation
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After Thailand, 500 Startups hints expansion for Vietnam fund possible

The fund does not make disclosure for the terms of its investments. However, a source familiar to the fund revealed that 500 Startups probably invested around $30,000-50,000 in a Vietnamese startups. There were exceptions in which the US investor paid higher, up to $100,000 a deal.

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