Alibaba co-founder Tsai said to join bid for NFL’s Panthers


It wouldn’t be Tsai’s first foray into U.S. sports: Last year he agreed to buy a 49 percent stake in the Brooklyn Nets.

Finnish state investment arm builds $1b stake in Nokia

Solidium, Finland’s investment arm, built the stake in Nokia by buying shares on the market over the early months of 2018.

Asia’s bitcoin startups, worn out by volatility warnings, target remittances market

Used as a transfer mechanism rather than a currency, bitcoin circumvents banks’ transaction fees.

S. Korea’s Kakao to monetize taxi-hailing app by charging for some services

The move will end nearly three years of wholly free services offered by its taxi-hailing app.

Amazon in talks with JPMorgan to offer credit card to small businesses in office supplies push

Amazon is hoping the new credit card, which will feature rewards points for purchases, will also let it eventually add offerings such as business insurance.

Apple acquires KKR-backed digital magazine service Texture

KKR invested $50 million in Texture in 2014.

A reformed Uber looks for second chance in Barcelona

Its new UberX service will operate with licensed drivers in contrast to the UberPop service it ran until late 2014 using non-professional drivers.

NZ Super partners with Māori Investment Fund to explore new investments

Te Pūia Tāpapa Fund is a way for New Zealand’s indegenious communities Iwi and Māori organisations to pool resources and access larger scale direct investment opportunities and over NZ$110 million has been indicatively committed to the Fund to date.

US President Trump halts Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm

This is the fifth time ever a US President has blocked a deal based on objections by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and the second deal Trump has stopped since assuming office.

Dropbox IPO price range values firm nearly a third below peak

Dropbox set a price range of $16 to $18 per share, which would raise up to $648 million in the IPO. The pricing is about a 30% drop from the $10 billion valuation it earned in early 2014 after a BlackRock-led financing round.