Amazon looks set to take the lead in India, with or without Flipkart


Amazon’s talks with Flipkart suggest it wants to avoid a long-drawn battle with Walmart.

Guest post: Alibaba is joining the (reignited) ride-hailing war in China

By, an Alibaba portfolio company, has announced that it would introduce “hitchhiking“ service, allowing commuters to find a ride pretty much the same way as they have been using ride-hailing apps such as Didi.

PE firms face heated competition from Asian tech investors like SoftBank, Tencent


Tencent just wants to expand its WeChat messaging platform while Alibaba is on a mission to grow its own ecosystem.

As Uber retreats from Southeast Asia, its grip on India, too, looks slippery


In India, once again, SoftBank is the largest investor in Uber’s main rival, Ola.

Guest post: Will Alibaba replace more people at Lazada?


Putting Lucy Peng in charge shows the emphasis, determination, and probably urgency, in making Lazada work for the Chinese firm.

Asia could be top destination for cash-heavy private equity firms


Previously reluctant to relinquish control, Asian company owners are increasingly seeing the benefit of bringing in an outsider.

Private equity bets on Vietnam’s growing pool of wealth


The maximum stake allowed to any single entity in a Vietnamese bank is only 15 percent; total foreign equity is capped at 30 percent.

Masa Son is on a spring cleaning mission but what about Yahoo Japan?


SoftBank is looking to IPO its domestic telecom unit and is offering to pay bondholders who agree to a covenant change that would make it easier to list it.

China’s tech giants may still shy away from plans to bring them home


For large Chinese firms, a CDR would mean bowing to the demands of CSRC, a regulator known to change the rules, and open and close the IPO market at will.

Anbang takeover puts China’s companies on notice


While lawyers and analysts do not think the Anbang seizure heralds an impending wave of nationalizations, they say it sets a fresh, and for some, worrying precedent.