APAC Digest: Efinix raises $9.5m; Packet Greens gets $1.5m in seed funding

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Chip developer Efinix has closed a $9.5 million investment from HKX and Xilinx while agriculture startup Packet Greens has closed a $1.5 million seed round.

Efinix closes $9.5m investment from HKX, Xilinx

Chip developer Efinix has closed a $9.5 million financing round led by Xilinx, a provider of all-programmable semiconductor products, and the Hong Kong X Technology Fund (HKX), an investment fund supported by Sequoia Capital China, and focusing on fast-growing technology companies.

Other investors in the round include Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation, Samsung Electronics’ investment arm, as well as Hong Kong Inno Capital and Brizan Investments.

This investment will accelerate the market deployment of the company’s Quantum programmable technology with a focus on deep learning and compute acceleration.

The company is a developer of programmable products platforms and technologies, with its Quantum programmable technology enabling advanced programmable silicon products in the ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA segments.

Its products address the needs of high-volume, low-power, and small form-factor products for applications in custom logic, compute acceleration, and deep learning.


Packet Greens raises $1.5m seed from SPRING SEEDS Capital & Trirec

Singapore-based Packet Greens, which automates hydroponics technology in an urban farming configuration, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from SPRING SEEDS Capital and cleantech-focused fund Trirec.

SPRING SEEDS Capital is the investment arm of SPRING Singapore – a statutory board of the Singapore government – and co-invests with independent investors in commercially viable Singapore-based startup ventures. It also manages co-investment funds administered under Startup SG Equity, a scheme which catalyses private-sector investment for startups through government equity co-investment.

Packet Greens employs vertical farming that involves racks of crops stacked on top of one another to enhance land use efficiency. Crops are bathed in LED lights, with precise nutrient dosages to minimise wastage.

Currently, it grows 51 types of crops in a 167 square-meter farm and claims to be able to grow five times the crops on the same amount of land compared to traditional farms at an accelerated rate.


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