Singapore allocates $535m for digital, food security push

Singapore. Photo: Pixabay

Singapore is investing $535 million (S$724 million) in digital technologies, cell therapy manufacturing and food security to transform the city-state into an innovation-led economy.

According to a statement by the National Research Foundation (NRF), $369 million (S$500 million) will be invested in digital technologies, $59 million (S$80 million) in cell therapy manufacturing, and $106 million (S$144 million) in food security.

Digital technologies will cover areas such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing, robotics, as well as capabilities in digital trust and computational law. The programmes expected to benefit from this funding include AI Singapore, the National Supercomputing Centre Singapore and the National Robotics Programme.

NRF’s investments in cell therapy manufacturing aim to develop Singapore as a pharmaceutical manufacturing centre. The $59-million (S$80 million) investment will address bottlenecks in manufacturing scale-up, deepening understanding of cell quality attributes relating to safety and efficacy, and developing technologies to assess the quality of manufactured cells.

The last $106-million (S$144 million) tranche for food security aims to develop Singapore’s capacity to produce 30 per cent of its nutritional needs by 2030. This will mean R&D investments in sustainable urban food production, future foods, and food safety.

NRF added that Enterprise Singapore will set up two centres of innovation – one in aquaculture and another in energy to support enterprises in these sectors.