We are ushering in DealStreetAsia 2.0, one step at a time — Here is step #1

DealStreetAsia 2.0

Today, you will notice a change when it comes to reading DEALSTREETASIA.

Once you have viewed five pages on our website, you will be prompted to sign in to continue reading. You can do this either by creating an account – simply use your email address and set a password — or by using your existing social media accounts.

Why are we asking you to do this?

By signing in, you will be helping us understand your content preferences better so that we can give you the exclusive news, interviews and deal analyses you need. It will also help us know that you truly value what we do.

Once you log in, you can continue reading all stories for free. That’s it – no other conditions.

With your inputs, our website and our daily newsletter, already a staple in investor-startup circles, will continue to get better as we bring you more exclusive content in our quest to be a single-stop source for all deal activity in Asia.

What other changes are in the offing?

2017 marks our third year of operation. As we move to the next phase of our growth, you will see us launch several new initiatives over the next couple of months, all aimed at becoming the deal news platform of choice for discerning investors and entrepreneurs in the region.

Our upcoming initiatives include a database that enables you to see all VC/PE deals in this region, country-wise and classified across verticals, at the end of every month.

At some stage in the near future, we will move towards a freemium model. Paid subscribers will benefit from alerts for breaking news, an evening roundup of big developments as well as exclusive and original content to ensure that they stay ahead of their peers.

They will also be able to avail highly discounted tickets for our flagship event – the Asia PE-VC Summit. We plan to take the event to more cities going forward as well as launch boutique events, investor-startup meetups, a dedicated Slack channel for our subscribers and tailor-made newsletters.

What will NOT change is our unwavering focus on news. Exclusive news that gives you an edge.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in us and we hope to have your support as we roll out DEALSTREETASIA 2.0.