Female Founders in SEA 2022

08 March, 2023

Startups founded or co-founded by women in Southeast Asia garnered about $2 billion in private funding in 2022, accounting for nearly 12.6% of the total capital raised by startups through the year.

The decline was steeper as a proportion of total capital raised in 2022. Startups with at least one female founder had accounted for a 17.2% share of all fundraising in 2021 and 16.5% in 2020.

Female Founders in Southeast Asia 2022 provides:

  • Data on fundraising by female-founded startups in 2022 and comparison with 2021
  • Fundraising data by countries, verticals and funding stages
  • Deal volume by cities, verticals and funding stages
  • Data on fundraising by startups with only female founder(s)
  • Data on fundraising by female-founded startups with a female CEO
  • A list of top dealmakers among female-founded startups
  • Interviews with female founders on their entrepreneurship journey and challenges

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