Singapore: Hatcher-backed Dropmysite rebrands itself as Dropsuite ahead of global push

Visual of homepage. March 2016

Singapore-based venture Dropmysite, a provider of cloud-based backup solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises founded in 2012, has rebranded itself to Dropsuite.

Dropmysite built its traction through a network of preferred reseller partners that enabled them to reach out to SMEs. The firm collaborates with major Internet firms such as GoDaddy, among the largest hosting companies worldwide, GMO Internet, a major website hosting firm in Japan and OzHosting in Australia. Dropmysite has sales presence in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

The company, backed by global investors Hatcher and 500 Startups, is helmed by former Google and Dell executive Charif Elansari, who is driving its internationalisation and global expansion in his role as CEO and founder.

Targeting the global market, the rebranding exercise also comes with the launch of business continuity services – server backup and email archiving.

This development comes as Dropsuite seeks to establish leadership in the business continuity services sector, by providing simple, cost-effective solutions to SMEs to backup, recover and protect their digital assets.

Dropsuite has also launched a new solution, DSE Server Backup, which provides file-based server backup. DSE Server Backup is a business continuity tool that makes data backup and recovery quick and affordable for businesses. It looks to eliminate business risks caused by avoidable data loss through public or on-premise cloud integration of their software solutions.

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Elansari says: “Downtime and data loss is a massive issue, with a wide range of consequences, yet the backup experience for SMEs is often difficult and expensive. They are underserved by IT security programs and system architectures. We help SMEs recover and get back to business as quickly as possible, ensuring they are not out of business; it’s simply better backup.”

According to anti-virus software provider Sophos, around 30,000 SME websites are hacked daily, with British insurance firm Lloyd’s estimating that businesses lose around $400 billion to hackers per annum.

John Sharp, CEO of venture capital (VC) fund Hatcher, a Dropsuite investor, says, “Data backup for SMEs is a complex task, which Dropsuite has simplified.”

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