The Billion Dollar Fund For Women secures $460m in pledges to fight gender funding gap

(From left to right) Gobi Partners venture partner Shannon Kalayanamitr, The Billion Dollar Fund for Women (TBDF) co-founder Anousheh Ansari and TBDF co-founders and managing partners Shelly Porges and Sarah Chen

A new global consortium to address the gender funding gap is seeking to mobilise as much as $1 billion to invest in women-founded companies within the next decade.

Called The Billion Dollar Fund for Women (TBDF), it plans to invest $100 million in such startups by 2020. The consortium has so far secured pledges of over $460 million from global investors including Gobi Partners, Golden Gate Ventures, Rethink Impact, Springboard Growth Capital, Backstage Capital, Different Funds and others.

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