Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund invests in four Singapore startups

Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund, managed by Javelin Wealth Management along with curation platform Startup-O, has closed its first four seed investments into Singapore startups.

The portfolio companies include AI-based recruitment startup Impress.AI, wireless connectivity provider Whizpace.com, online services provider Serv.sg and recruitment tech firm HackerTrail.

Startup-O selects promising startups from across Southeast Asia to match with potential investors and industry experts. Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund, which is built to invest in curated startups, targets to fund up to $500,000 in three to five companies every quarter.

“Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund is an innovative fund which aims to serve high net worth investors and family offices with utmost transparency around well curated investment ideas across Asia. The early portfolio companies are already showing signs of growth and we look forward to investing in more innovative technology driven ventures,” said Steve Davies, CEO of Javelin Wealth Management.

Startup-O platform screens startups through its rating algorithm then connects the companies with experts in its network for the purpose of evaluating business model, financial modelling, technology diligence and overall investment analysis.

In addition to the four invested startups, Startup-O lent support for Paidup.io, a UK-based fintech company that serves the emerging markets, to help it re-incorporate in Singapore for better access to the Southeast Asian market.

“Focused on Southeast Asian markets, we observed that innovation is happening everywhere but access to necessary resources for early stage startups is still old school, biased and inefficient,” said Anuj Jain, co-founder and CEO at Startup-O.

He said the Startup-O quarterly programme would save time, money and upfront dilution of equity for startups.

The venture collector started taking applicants in November 2016. Since then, over 300 tech startups from 12 countries have registered, some 160 of which entered the programme.

Startup-O will kick off its fourth cohort in August 2017.

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