Thailand's SCBAM launches $278.8m Health Care Equity Fund

Thailand's SCBAM launches $278.8m Health Care Equity Fund

Visual from the SCBAM website, August 2015

SCB Asset Management Co (SCBAM), an affiliate of Siam commercial Bank, has launched a health care fund, with a total value of at 10 billion baht ($278.8 million), the units of this would be be on offer from 25-31 August 2015, said the company president, Smith Banomyong.

SCB Global Health Care (SCBGHC) fund will be investing in the global health care companies, and could be modeled on other similar funds in the same sector. “The ageing group will spend the money for take care of their health. They will spend an average of three times more when compared to other groups. Also new innovation and technology in the industry will help companies increase sale revenue growth,” he said.
According to the company website, SCBAM was established on March 18, 1992 and is an affiliate of Siam Commercial Bank, which is Thailand’s third-largest lender and is licensed by the Finance Ministry to manage mutual funds, provident funds, and private funds.

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