TIH, Loxley JV K2 Venture Capital to invest in startups

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SGX-listed TIH Limited entered into a joint venture agreement with Thailand’s listed holding firm Loxley Pcl to set up K2 Venture Capital Company to invest in promising startups, mostly in Thailand.

TIH announced on January 11 that Killian Court, its wholly-owned subsidiary, will subscribe for a 49.99 per-cent interest in K2 Venture for 34.99 million baht ($1 million) with Loxbit, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loxley, taking up the balance of the JV firm.

The joint venture between Loxbit and Killian Court provides K2 Venture the opportunity to leverage on the existing network and track records of the parent companies to tap into the high growth startup investment opportunities in Thailand and ASEAN region.

Stanley Wang, a senior executive of TIH Investment Management, will be seconded to K2 Venture as managing director and retains his position as a member of the Manager Investment Committee in TIH Investment Management.

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