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SE Asia’s middle income markets present large VC potential: Takashi Sano, Global Brain

Takashi Sano of Global Brain discusses startup growth and the overall Asian startup space.

IFC focused on development of PE in emerging markets, seeks to back new fund managers

Asia (East Asia Pacific and South Asia together) accounts for the largest exposure in IFC’s funds portfolio.

Singapore: GIC leads $200m Series D in China’s P2P lender Dianrong

With this, total funding raised by Dianrong amounts to $439 million.

HR space is ripe for innovation: Shao-Ning Huang, angel investor & LP

‘Dave McClure’s actions do not represent the fund (500 Startups)’

SEA & India beneficiaries of greater diversification by PE firms in Asia: Suvir Varma, Bain and Co.

‘A significant driver of interest in India has been recycling of capital’.

Valuations in healthcare space continue to be excessive across Asia: Abrar Mir, Quadria Capital

Indian drug makers, whose business models have been under pressure as revenues from the US generic market grow at a slower pace, will have to move away from playing the cost game and focus on innovation to move to the next level, and the potential for innovation offers a bright… Read more »

IPOs not the best PE exit route right now in Asia: Bain & Co’s Suvir Varma

Strongest exit channel in Southeast Asia has been trade sales.

PropertyGuru’s Melhuish doesn’t believe in ‘unicorns’ even as portal nears $1b mark

PropertyGuru expects to be profitable as a group by calendar-year end.

Deep tech a substantial venture opportunity: Steve Leonard, SGInnovate

The challenge for VCs is that areas like AI may take longer to come to fruition.