Fanny Potkin

Philippines rejects GOJEK’s appeal against ride-hailing licence ban

Go-Jek had hoped to take on Singapore-based Grab which is the dominant player in the Philippines ride-hailing sector.

Indonesian carrier Garuda in talks with Go-Jek to provide logistics support

The partnership will make it easier for Go-Jek to move goods to customers within the 17,000 islands of the archipelago.

Grab, Go-Jek’s battle to become SE Asia’s preferred super app plays out on the streets

The region is big enough for many players to have their share. But Go-Jek and Grab are expected to be hard to beat with the familiarity and trust built up by their ride-hailing services and perhaps surprisingly in a digital age, their human agents.

Indonesia summons Lippo’s James Riady to assist in bribery probe

The summons of one of the country’s most powerful executives follows the arrests this month of nine people in connection with the investigation involving a $21 billion construction project.

Tencent, Alibaba chase remittances in battle for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, with a growing population of 600 million who mostly lack bank accounts, is a strategic battleground for Asian tech behemoths and their U.S rivals.

Indonesian authorities taking on aggressive Chinese online lenders

The wave of predominantly Chinese fintech lenders, who often do not register and employ aggressive debt collection practices, is now alarming regulators.

Go-Jek close to profitability in all segments, except transport: Nadiem Makarim

Makarim confirmed Go-Jek has set up a VC arm, Go-Ventures, as first reported by this portal.

Goldman loses Indonesia court appeal in Hanson share ownership dispute

A Jakarta court ruled in favor of Tjokrosaputro in November 2017, ordering the U.S firm to return shares and pay $22.07 million in compensation.