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Guest post: Chinese fintech lenders flock to the Philippines

Low bank penetration and high internet penetration, it is not difficult for investors to see the similarity between Indonesia and Philippines – opportunity.

Guest Post: Will Lu Qi bring success to Y Combinator in China?

The 120k for 7% model is unlikely to work in China, as the market has more capital than good entrepreneurs. However, if Lu is willing (and able) to experiment new models, there might be a chance.

Guest Post | Google-JD combine could be powerful, if executed well

The investment in is a significant commitment from Google. The US tech giant has made fewer than a dozen investments with a ticket size of over $100 million (counting all MagicLeap rounds as one).

Guest Post | How much is Grab worth, really?

For PE investors who began betting big on the ride-hailing firm in second half of 2015, the paper returns are yet to be ‘huge’.

Guest Post | Why and Thailand’s Central might not succeed as partners

From initial plans to launch in May 2018, the JV has delayed its full launch to August 2018. Is this a sign that this ambitious partnership is off to a rocky start?

Guest post: iflix now treading deep waters

iflix, which recently closed its digital division in Singapore, has been keeping mum since it raised $133 million about eight months ago.

Guest post: Alibaba is joining the (reignited) ride-hailing war in China, an Alibaba portfolio company, has announced that it would introduce “hitchhiking“ service, allowing commuters to find a ride pretty much the same way as they have been using ride-hailing apps such as Didi.

Guest post: Will Alibaba replace more people at Lazada?

Putting Lucy Peng in charge shows the emphasis, determination, and probably urgency, in making Lazada work for the Chinese firm.

Guest post: ofo – Alibaba’s baby or pawn?

Ofo is being challenged to retain Alibaba’s interest and backing as the tech giant appears to now favour China’s third-largest bike company, Hello-Bike.