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INDONESIA CRUNCH | Go-Pay versus Ovo – Is this where Go-Jek falls behind?

Grab seems to have caught up in Indonesia with its Ovo partnership. Will this make the payments field difficult for Go-Jek?

INDONESIA CRUNCH | Is Indonesia selling out to foreigners?

Fear of foreign influence simmers in Indonesia (understandably so after decades of being colonized) and the pot gets stirred in election season.

Indonesia Crunch | Keep on gigging in a gig world

Today is all about Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek. It’s a compact, straightforward read from 2016 that describes how platform businesses are transforming the current capitalist system.

Indonesia Crunch | Fakers and fraudsters and the trouble with platforms

Platforms ranging from social media to ride-hailing are being gamed for political and financial gains.

Indonesia Crunch | Not as simple as Silicon Valley vs China

It’s tempting to think of the Southeast Asian internet market as a battle between “China” and “Silicon Valley” but the front lines are much fuzzier.