Tim Culpan

Meituan’s end to car chase is an express ticket to profitability

In its first earnings announcement since the Sept. 20 listing, the Chinese operator of food-delivery, ride-hailing and bike-rental businesses reported a blowout in its net loss for the first half.

Why getting better, not just bigger, needs to be on Oyo’s itinerary

If Oyo uses the recently secured $1 billion to run a tighter ship, there’s every chance it could be the world’s largest hotel chain within five years. If quality plays second fiddle to expansion, it risks becoming a brand name that’s of little value to anyone.

Meituan IPO reveals chasm between Mobike’s claims and reality

In a December press release, Mobike claimed 200 million users worldwide. Meituan’s prospectus says otherwise – 48.1 million Active Bike Users, 7.1 million Active Bikes and over 1 billion rides completed in the four months ended April 30, 2018.

Singapore’s Sea needs a juggling act to crack e-commerce

Sea has made $91.4 million in revenue from its e-commerce unit since the final quarter of 2016, but spent $649 million to promote it.

Beijing towers over China’s next $9b IPO

As investors weigh up whether to buy into China Tower’s IPO, they could build their spreadsheets and run the numbers to compare it with peers. Or they could they face the fact that this is a national service play.

SoftBank Vision Fund’s planned Flipkart exit shows a lack of vision

The ink is barely dry on SoftBank Vision Fund’s purchase of a stake in Flipkart Online Services Pvt and already it’s preparing to exit. Masayoshi Son seemed so keen on the Indian e-commerce startup that he threw $2.5 billion at it in August.

Of Ant Financial’s lofty valuations and Temasek’s loftier hopes

Temasek is in talks to lead a funding round that could value the Alibaba Group-backed company at $150 billion.

Flipkart can bring in muscle to save money, live better

Flipkart looks set to team up with Walmart Inc., garnering the startup a valuation of as much as $20 billion.

How Jack and Pony Ma are fueling China’s mindless bike-sharing spending spree

Ofo Bicycles Co. may have raised around $1 billion in its latest funding round, which included Alibaba.

Alibaba’s next-gen businesses burn cash but see slowing growth

For the second straight quarter, Alibaba’s digital and media entertainment, and innovation initiatives grew at a slower pace than core commerce.