Tim Culpan

Indonesia’s Go-Jek can teach Uber a few Asian tricks

I don’t consider Uber Eats to be a separate service, but a different flavor of the same product, and the fact that Uber is still burning cash despite being the dominant provider in most markets in which it operates shows the fragility of the business model.

Asean start-ups expected to hog limelight next year

There’s a lot to suggest that might be the case, with big names from 500 Startups Management Co. to Google Inc talking up the region. Its potential to grow into a $200 billion internet economy “is an idea whose time has come,” Sajith Sivanandan, who oversees Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines… Read more »

Flipkart, Snapdeal markdowns may augur well for young Indian startups

We all know that a downround is a fate worse than out-of-the-money options. Earlier investors see the worth of their stake decline when a subsequent injection of equity capital is done at a lower valuation.

Indian e-commerce shows signs of becoming rational

Two news items in the past 24 hours serve as positive indicators that India’s e-commerce sector may be turning rational.

Uber’s bid for peace with Didi Chuxing has global ramifications

Outside of China, though, Didi has started forging partnerships with Uber’s competitors. In the US, it’s working with Lyft. In India, users will be able to hail an Olacabs car from their Didi app; similarly through Southeast Asia, where it’s hooked up with Grab.

Merging Flipkart, Snapdeal could be the best way to beat Amazon in India

The two e-commerce companies are burning through cash and it doesn’t look like the flames of competition are going to die down while they’re being fanned by that 800-pound American gorilla called Amazon and its $15.9 billion war chest.

Jack Ma is finally taking foreign markets seriously

The chairman and founder of Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce site, said in November he aims to generate at least 50 percent of the group’s revenue from outside the country. That’s a tall order considering the contribution from offshore has been moving in the opposite direction.

Apple’s India solution for selling refurbished phones lies 15,000 km away in Brazil

India isn’t alone in knocking back Apple’s attempts to import used devices. In fact, many electronics companies ban their recycling partners from exporting e-waste across regions as part of a global effort to stop developing countries from becoming the trash bin for richer nations’ discarded devices.

Baidu to boost spending on India, Indonesia as mobile sales boom

Baidu Inc. plans to boost investments in India and Indonesia as China’s largest Web search provider tries for a greater presence on smartphones. “They have a lot of characteristics that mimic China’s development,” Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Li said during an interview in Beijing on Monday. “There is no legacy… Read more »