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Multiple award-winning Halodoc reshaping Indonesia’s health-tech landscape

With over 20 million (and growing) monthly users, Halodoc, Indonesia’s leading digital health-tech platform, is extending accessible healthcare to millions of citizens across the world’s largest archipelago.

Halodoc has racked up a string of prestigious awards this year. The honours include the 2023 Marketeers Youth Choice Award (YCA), the 2022 Fortune Indonesia Change the World Award, the Katadata25: Game Changer in Digital Award, and the Indonesian government’s 2023 PPKM Award. The accolades demonstrate the community’s trust in Halodoc as their go-to digital health services platform. Halodoc’s success is a testament to its innovative approach founded on the users’ unique health needs and a robust, data-based marketing strategy.

As a comprehensive ecosystem of digital health services and solutions, the Halodoc app offers four main features that have helped it attain primacy in the regional e-health services market. Firstly, the “Chat Dengan Dokter” (Chat with Doctor) feature enables patients to interact with more than 20,000 experienced and licensed doctors via chat, video, or voice call.

Secondly, the “Toko Kesehatan” (Health Store) gives users secure access to supplements and vitamins from 4,900 licensed partner pharmacies. Another invaluable add-on is the “Janji Temu” (Appointment) facility, allowing users to book offline appointments at more than 3,300 health facilities.

Perhaps most significantly, the app also offers the “Asuransiku” (My Insurance) facility, allowing privately-insured users to avail themselves of the benefits of digital healthcare services seamlessly with competitive pricing. Halodoc partners with the country’s leading insurance providers to extend this service to users.

Halodoc Chief Operating Officer Veronica Utami said, “We are grateful for the confidence our users have placed in us, as well as the unwavering support of our stakeholders and the media, which have significantly contributed to the many benefits that Halodoc provides today. Over the last seven years, we have been committed to pursuing innovative solutions that allow our users to access reliable healthcare services anytime and anywhere.”

In 2019 and 2020, the company was listed as the only health technology start-up from Southeast Asia to feature on CB Insights’ Digital Health 150 list. In 2018, Halodoc received the “Most Innovative Start-Up” award from Galen Growth Asia and was selected by Forbes Indonesia as a “Choice Start-Up”.

With a string of accolades in tow, Halodoc continues to innovate and recognize that implementing end-to-end service innovations alone is not enough to achieve its mission of improving access to healthcare services. To that end, the company has adopted a marketing strategy that increases the use of tele-health and ensures that the community accepts and utilizes the solutions correctly.

Doing this entails addressing issues such as digital literacy and public health. The challenging aspect is that Halodoc is itself a part of – and contributing to – a constantly changing tele-health landscape. For example, when the company started in 2016, tele-health was not very popular, but it has become an integral arm of healthcare systems worldwide, especially after the pandemic.

Thus, Halodoc’s data-driven marketing strategy, which focuses on the 7Ps (product, pricing, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, and processes), has been central to its growing stature in the local economy.

“We emphasize the importance of being agile, adaptive, and innovative, especially in managing our marketing strategy. Besides being data driven, Halodoc’s marketing strategy prioritizes preventive service solutions. We hope this balanced approach will encourage more people to incorporate health into their lifestyle,” Veronica added.

Halodoc has undertaken several public health education initiatives to foster disease awareness and prevention. These initiatives include publishing health articles on the Halodoc app and blog, which potential users can easily access. In addition, Halodoc’s preventive service solutions, such as “Home Lab” enable people to undergo health tests privately and easily at home.

Another factor behind the rising popularity of Halodoc is its easy-to-use app, which is designed to cater to the healthcare needs of all age groups, especially Gen Z and millennials — a demographic that comprises over half of Indonesia’s population. The platform also demonstrates empathy for Baby Boomers through “Elderly Care”, a service that facilitates consultations. Moreover, the app has a “Langganan” (Subscription) option for users who buy health products regularly.

Moreover, besides the regular health services, Halodoc also offers mental and animal health consultations.

“At Halodoc, we put the interests of our patients first, always striving to prioritize their convenience and comfort when seeking healthcare. We are thrilled that our various innovations have proven to be relevant solutions to people’s needs and are increasingly becoming an integral part of their daily lives”, Veronica said.

The app’s user base already extends to different regions of Indonesia, including Maluku, Riau Islands, Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung, East Nusa Tenggara, and Papua. Going forward, Halodoc will focus on improving preventive healthcare solutions and ensuring its app remains relevant and valuable to all age groups.

In the words of Veronica, “As a digital health service platform, we aim to meet the health needs of a diverse range of people. However, we understand there are still areas of concern for those who wish to maintain their health and for caregivers looking after elderly parents. Our goal is to provide dependable and hassle-free health services that enable them to “Tenang Menjaga” (take good care of your loved ones with ease) regardless of their location.”

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