Asia PE-VC Summit 2019: As markets evolve, LP-GP terms too will be in for change

From left: Deviana Chuo of DealStreetAsia, Yar-Ping Soo of Adams Street Partners, Saifulbahri Hassan of KWAP, Saima Rehman of IFC, and Audrey The-Dumas of Schroders.

Limited partners (LPs) remain to be highly enthusiastic and have continued to bring fresh capital to the Asian market, posing an increased competition with general partners (GPs) for deals, but it could take time before LPs can eventually enter the GP arena, according to panelists in the Asia PE-VC Summit 2019 in Singapore.

To begin with, GPs want as little competition as possible, which could challenge the traditional LP-GP relationship, according to Yar-Ping Soo, partner at Adams Street Partners.

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