China: CMC Capital backs Shanghai-based At Comm Corp

Chinese investment firm CMC Capital has invested an undisclosed amount in At Comm Corp (@Comm), a Shanghai-based company which provides analysis and reporting solutions, China Money Network reported.

As per the report, the investment in @Comm is designed to help consolidate marketing and monetisation efforts for nearly 50 CMC portfolio companies spread across the film, television, sports, entertainment and Internet content sectors, said Li Ruigang, chairman, CMC Capital in a press conference held in Beijing.

@Comm was founded in 1999 and provides comprehensive call accounting and reporting capability to small, mid-sized as well as large enterprises. Its clients include Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, ShoreTel and other telephone systems that enable business and IT managers to improve productivity, increase security and control costs related with their IP and voice infrastructure.

The products provided by @Comm helps IT specialists, department & business managers and corporate executives reduce and control expenses, increase employee productivity and improve telephone service quality by providing in-depth insights into how their PBX networks are actually used. These products also help managers detect fraud & telephone abuse and create audit trails for telephone-related security threats.

CMC is focussed on the media and entertainment sector. Most recently, the investment firm led an angel round in China’s Haiqiu Technology, a sports content startup founded by Chinese football celebrity Sun Jihai. Its other investments include in the companies like Sun Jihai, Yitiao, Imagine Entertainment,, Yuehua Entertainment, and Cubee Technology.

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