Indonesian ride-hailing giant Gojek expands EV trial to boost adoption

President Joko Widodo at Electrum, Pertamina, Gogoro and Gesits’event on Tuesday. (22/2/2022) (Photo courtesy of Gojek)

Electrum, a joint venture between Indonesian major ride-hailing firm Gojek and energy company TBS Energi Utama, is set to expand Gojek’s electric vehicle (EV) commercial trial to facilitate EV adoption in the country.

Electrum, in cooperation with state-owned energy company Pertamina and Taiwanese battery-swapping electric scooter maker Gogoro, will add “thousands” of EVs into Gojek’s two-wheel fleet across the country this year as part of the ride-hailing firm’s plan to make every car and motorcycle on its platform all electric by 2030.

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