MaGIC & Founder Institute partner to bring international experts to Malaysian startups

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The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and the Founder Institute have partnered to attract startup experts from the world over, to mentor Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Under this new partnership, MaGIC will sponsor up to six international mentors throughout the duration of the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Founder Institute programme.

These mentors will provide guidance and training for aspiring entrepreneurs building new companies in the Kuala Lumpur Founder Institute programme, Founder Institute said in a statement.

Founder Institute founder and CEO Adeo Ressi is confident that as the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch programme will bring extra value to Malaysia’s budding startup scene.

“Aspiring Malaysia entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from meeting top international startup founders and CEOs. Through our partnership with MaGIC, the Founder Institute will bring entrepreneurial experts from around the world to further develop the Malaysia tech startup ecosystem,” Ressi said.

The Kuala Lumpur Founder Institute and MaGIC share a similar mission to empower entrepreneurs to build sustainable and meaningful companies.

MaGIC CEO Cheryl Yeoh said the collaboration is “truly the meeting of two minds”.

“The partnership allows us to leverage on Founder Institute’s global network of mentors, who will add great content and value to the Malaysian startup community. The joint promotion and branding effort will benefit both parties, as it will provide a bigger platform for us to reach out to the startups who are looking for these types of programs.”

Since launching in 2014, MaGIC has been dedicated to establishing an active local startup community in Malaysia and empower entrepreneurs to create sustainable and meaningful companies.

MaGIC hosts numerous events throughout the year and offers a wide array of online tools in an effort to encourage collaboration among entrepreneurs, increase visibility for startups, and facilitate mentoring, skill, and knowledge ­sharing.

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