SEA Digest: VinFast opens first Indonesia dealership; Scorpio Electric appoints global distributors

SEA Digest: VinFast opens first Indonesia dealership; Scorpio Electric appoints global distributors

VinFast car in front of its new dealership in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. (Photo courtesy of VinFast)

The electric vehicle industry in Southeast Asia is having its moment, with Vietnam’s VinFast opening its first dealership in Indonesia and Singapore’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer appointing distributors in Japan, the Philippines, Portugal and Spain.

VinFast opens dealership in West Java

Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast opened its first dealership in Indonesia operated by a local partner, PT Gallerie Setia Utama, as part of the efforts to bring its products to the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

The dealership—which is located in Depok, West Java—is the first part of the plan to significantly expand VinFast’s EV distribution network across major cities in Indonesia throughout 2024, according to a statement.

Nguyễn Ngọc Chức, VinFast Indonesia deputy CEO, noted that the dealership features VinFast’s VF5 and VF e34 models, paving the way for VinFast’s future models and contributing to the advancement of the EV industry in Indonesia.

VinFast announced its VF e34 model in Indonesia in late March while also introducing a battery subscription policy that will help reduce upfront purchase costs.

The Vietnamese automaker announced in January its plan to invest at least $1.2 billion in Indonesia over the long term to distribute vehicles and establish an EV manufacturing plant. About $200 million will be used to establish the plant which has a projected production capacity of 30,000-50,000 vehicles per year in Indonesia.

Scorpio Electric appoints distributors in Asia, Europe

Scorpio Electric, Singapore’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer, appointed distributors in Japan, the Philippines, Portugal and Spain to strengthen its presence in Europe and Southeast Asia, according to a statement.

The appointment was in line with Scorpio Electric’s plan to bring its electric maxi-scooter called the Scorpio Electric X1 to global customers. The firm plans to start shipping the X1 in Q4 2024.

“We have meticulously chosen these markets based on various factors, including the presence of passionate enthusiasts, a burgeoning two-wheeler consumer market, and a growing inclination towards electric mobility solutions,” Joshua Goh, Scorpio Electric CEO, said.

“We are extremely excited for the upcoming months ahead as we enter into other territories in Europe and Southeast Asia. We have identified strong potential for market penetration and growth for the X1 within these regions,” Goh said.

The firm said it will be intensifying its efforts to strengthen partnerships and explore new avenues for growth in the selected markets over the next coming months.

Edited by: Joymitra Rai

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