VinaCapital Ventures invests in Vietnamese logistics startup An Vui

Vietnam-based VinaCapital Ventures has invested in An Vui, a transportation management system startup, according to an announcement.

Founded in 2015, the startup aims to tackle the pain points in road transport in areas such as intercity bus and limousine services, which account for more than three-quarters of Vietnam’s passenger transport methods.

Businesses operating in this segment are often smaller enterprises with limited resources for revenue management, marketing and customer service. Therefore, An Vui was set up to offer companies end-to-end software solutions and build websites to facilitate mobile applications, ticket management, and parcel shipment management and fuel cost management.

The company said its services can help bus operators save 10-20 per cent operating costs and increase revenue by 20-30 per cent. To date, it has provided the technology to more than 100 bus operators.

“Helping companies working to transform Vietnam’s logistics sector has been one of our key investment themes since we launched in 2018,” said Khanh Tran, partner of VinaCapital Ventures, while highlighting the inefficiencies in the sector that give rise to high logistics costs.

“Many of these businesses are fairly small and family-owned, and solutions like those offered by An Vui can help them compete and optimize existing resources,” added Tran.

Vietnam’s bus and limousine sector is very fragmented, with an estimated number of 21,000 operators, according to Phan Ba Manh, founder of An Vui. He said the investment by VinaCapital Ventures will enable the company to enter into more strategic partnerships for its business growth.

Prior to An Vui, VinaCapital Ventures has backed Logivan, a B2B truck hailing and logistics network and ride-hailing startup FastGo. Other portfolio companies of the firm include digital gifting platform Urbox, fintech company Wee Digital and real estate portal Rever.

VinaCapital Ventures is the $100-million technology holding company established by the $1.8 billion fund manager VinaCapital.